The driving delivery and infectious down-home style of Seth Walker’s voice and songs resonate with Blues and Roots music. Although he is heavily influenced by guitar players--B.B. King, T-Bone Walker and Snooks Eaglin to name just a few, Seth also has a great gift for songwriting in the blues idiom. “These songs sound like classics-- matter of fact, they are!” says Chris Tomlin, Gold Record recording artist.

Growing up in rural North Carolina surrounded by a musical, artistic family has lent itself to Seth’s natural ability to entertain audiences with his music and the ease with which he performs. W.C. Clark, considered The Godfather of Austin’s blues scene, is featured on Seth’s second album Meet Me in the Middle and believes the music is in his blood. “Seth is from a long line of great players and singers. He’s rich with soul, a tasteful player and a warrior in the field.”

Seth has honed his skills for the last ten years in Austin, TX, playing among the best blues musicians in the world. Having shared the stage with icons such as Ray Charles, B.B. King and Jimmie Vaughan, Walker has established himself in the music world as a unique and compelling performer. His eclectic blend of outstanding guitar talent and rootsy, soul filled vocals will thrill any music fan.Seth impressed Taj Mahal when he opened up for the blues legend in 2005. “He’s playing some hip music, with changes and soul,” he commented. “A little, white Ray Charles!”

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